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Get Your Business Technology to Market

When organizations are looking to launch mission-critical projects on time and on budget, T-Minus provides the confidence needed to assure project success when everything is on the line.  

With a focus on the startup and founder community, we implement utility, ease-of-use, and efficiency into every piece of code that becomes your business platform, your statement in the world. 

The “countdown” for founders and growing businesses is a place in time riddled with deadlines, looming pressure, funding and financing requirements, and minimum viable products to prove value, to go forward. T-Minus encourages success in this countdown phase by promising valued structure, methodical processes, and dependable timelines for your technical project. When you’re ready to start, we start with you. When you’re ready to grow, we grow with you.
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the team

Humans behind T-Minus

Craig Ceccanti

President & CEO

Cody Miller

Director of Delivery

Alexis Ceccanti

Director of Human Resources

Robert Tran

Business Analyst

Mason Matlock

Software Engineer
why we're different

Top four reasons to work with us

We are well-versed in a methodology that starts with strategic technical know-how, stays on task through efficient processes and delivers a real product, of value, on time. Start building your custom-built business experience today.

High-Quality Collaboration

Fractional CTO Support

Get Only What You Need

We are Problems Solvers


We build experiences

Devina Bhojwani
Co-Owner | IDEA Lab Kids

"As President & Co-owner of IDEA Lab Kids International Franchise, our experience with T-Minus has been a two-for-one benefit. Not only do we get great service, we also get the mentorship of Craig. In fact, we go to him with not only our franchise operations questions but also advice on all things technology to enable us make more informed decisions for our business."

Aaron Knape
CEO and Co-Founder, sEATz

"T-Minus has helped us from developing our business technology MVP through to recent growth stages of our startup. We appreciate Craig’s intentionality in standing in as our CTO to help us arrive at the most strategic business decisions at that time. We would recommend T-Minus to the non-tech founder who needs help from a seasoned entrepreneur.”

Wayne Wilson
CEO, SynergenX Health

“Working with T-Minus has downright changed the opportunity we are able to provide our own customers. We see Craig as our “stand-in” CTO and call on him to help us make strategic decisions across many facets of the business. We get more than just code from T-Minus. Highly recommend.”


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