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How to Avoid SaaS Launch Misfires

While bringing the product out of the test phase and into the world is full of great possibilities, it also necessitates a strong strategy and rigorous planning, which is how we help our clients avoid pitfalls in the countdown phase of a software launch. Here are just a few ways that T-Minus Solutions helps SaaS startups avoid launch misfires.
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When is the right time to bring an IT expert to your business?

Most company founders start with an idea and a plan to focus on how to grow that idea to attract customers, funding, or a combination of the two. And unless they have a very detailed business plan, founders typically aren’t focusing on documenting processes or adjusting their infrastructure when technology needs shift as the company grows.
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How the right technology helps your business scale faster

Entrepreneurs and startups often find themselves stuck in a loop, grinding away with a laser focus on that next round of funding. We call this ‘Bootstrap’ mode. And while there are plenty of benefits to running a tight ship, there are essential components to any startup that shouldn’t be overlooked, namely business technologies.
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