5 Tech Stack Resolutions Worth Making in 2023

December 20, 2022

T-Minus Team

Businesses can’t afford to let technology strategy become an afterthought. The role that data, security and integration play in a company’s ability to compete is too big to neglect. As we start the New Year, be sure your brand is committed to keeping your tech stack effective and efficient. Remember, staying ahead of the digital curve requires clear goals and continuous work; it can’t be done in one big step. 

Finish what you started

First things first - take a look back at any technology improvements you hoped to accomplish in 2022. Were they completed? If not, evaluate whether they should still be on your list and what factors got in the way. Not only will this exercise identify likely hurdles to future plans, but wrapping up a project that’s already underway will give you an early win and helpful motivation to build on.

Use more data

It’s there for any business willing to capture it and put it to work. Now is the perfect time to collect year-end data to guide your 2023 technology efforts. Customer traffic, service outages and other performance insights offer an essential window into the strengths and weaknesses in your current tech stack. As we mentioned, upgrading isn’t a singular event. Data collection and analysis is your path to prioritizing where to start. 

Out with the old

Unfortunately, the shelf life for hardware and software seems shorter than ever before. But a technology system that relies on an outdated operating system or ancient architecture will limp along and result in unnecessary headaches for your business. Sunset your oldest technologies, replacing them with tools that are up to the task. It’s also important to create a plan or find a partner that ensures your technology evolves with your company. 

Get rid of redundancies

Any business attempting to keep up with the industry’s fast-moving advances will likely end up with resources that offer overlapping features. Eliminating these tech stack redundancies and consolidating technology when possible can allow you to minimize costs. A thorough technology audit can increase efficiency, identify the actual gaps in your tech stack and reveal additional funding that can be shifted to other initiatives. 

Focus on your customers

Any plans for 2023 should have the perspective of customers at the foundation. Consider how any technology upgrades will improve the customer experience. What are the improvements that your users are looking for? The hard work that goes into maintaining a brand’s technology capabilities will be wasted if it’s not adding value for the people most influential in driving new conversions.

T-Minus Solutions offers the full-stack development and strategy a growing business needs to succeed. Get a strong start to your New Year by sitting down with our experts to plan your next steps. 

T-Minus Team

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