Custom Software To Help Your Business Grow.

We build custom software and apps for startups and growth companies that helps skyrocket their growth.

Don’t Repeat Other Founders’ Mistakes

Founders are always up against deadlines, pressure, financing requirements, and demands for minimum viable products to prove value. They know that one bad decision or technology could be catastrophic. The ‘countdown phase’ is make or break, but you don’t have to navigate it alone.

We encourage success in this countdown phase with proven structure, methodical processes, and dependable timelines for your technical project. When you’re ready to start, we start with you. When you’re ready to grow, we grow with you. We’ve helped dozens of businesses just like yours with our three pronged approach to technology.


T-Minus CEO and Co-Founder, Craig Ceccanti is a serial entrepreneur who has exited several multi-million dollar companies. He is personally involved with every client and uses his experience to help you scale quickly and avoid costly mistakes.


On time and on budget, T-Minus provides the technical project leadership you need to assure success when investors are waiting, and everything is on the line.


Our predictable process of technical projects ensures the smooth and timely delivery of crucial initiatives with the best technology stack for your business.

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We Build Experiences

A Software-as-a-Service platform is only useful if it works for its intended audience. It can be customized and have a slick look with all the bells and whistles, but if it’s too complicated for users to operate properly, what good is it?

That’s why we design with the end-user in mind, prioritizing your business needs in the process. This results in a positive user experience that delights and retains customers.

Great technology that retains customers sets the stage for accelerated, sustainable scaling and growth.

More Than Just Technology

By working with us you not only get a technology partner, you also receive mentorship from our very own founder, Craig Ceccanti. Sometimes referred to as a “stand-in” CTO, you’ll be able to call on him to help you make strategic decisions across many facets of your business.

Craig’s expertise extends well beyond technical projects. After launching and exiting multiple startup ventures, he started T-Minus as a way to do what he truly loves: help other startups succeed.

Craig helps clients with everything from recruiting to preparing for funding rounds. He’s the secret sauce to T-Minus clients’ success.

Craig Ceccanti

President & CEO

What Our Customers Say About T-Minus

Doug Grothues
President | PFS, LLC

"After just three months, we were prepared to launch. The T-Minus team proved to be a trusted partner, providing expert recommendations, collaboration, and turning our ideas into a user-facing tool that will change our industry. T-Minus staff became part of our team, with a shared vision and desire to bring it to life, exceeding expectations every step of the way."

Devina Bhojwani
Co-Owner | IDEA Lab Kids

"As President & Co-owner of IDEA Lab Kids International Franchise, our experience with T-Minus has been a two-for-one benefit. Not only do we get great service, we also get the mentorship of Craig. In fact, we go to him with not only our franchise operations questions but also advice on all things technology to enable us make more informed decisions for our business."

Aaron Knape
CEO and Co-Founder | sEATz

"T-Minus has helped us from developing our business technology MVP through to recent growth stages of our startup. We appreciate Craig’s intentionality in standing in as our CTO to help us arrive at the most strategic business decisions at that time. We would recommend T-Minus to the non-tech founder who needs help from a seasoned entrepreneur.”

Wayne Wilson
CEO | SynergenX Health

“Working with T-Minus has downright changed the opportunity we are able to provide our own customers. We see Craig as our “stand-in” CTO and call on him to help us make strategic decisions across many facets of the business. We get more than just code from T-Minus. Highly recommend.”

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