When is the right time to bring an IT expert to your business?

July 19, 2022

T-Minus Team

Most company founders start with an idea and a plan to focus on how to grow that idea to attract customers, funding, or a combination of the two. And unless they have a very detailed business plan, founders typically aren’t focusing on documenting processes or adjusting their infrastructure when technology needs shift as the company grows.

From internal workflow management to the software product delivered to your end-user, strong technology systems keep your company lean and profitable. Whether you have a CTO and developers on-staff or not, hiring third-party IT specialists to help guide the planning and implementation of new technology will help you identify blind spots and anticipate evolving needs.

If nothing else, founders should have a plan in place to make sure that they won’t find themselves in a situation where a technological problem interrupts regular business operation.

Here are a few concerns to keep in mind:


Outdated technology and operating systems can make your company vulnerable to cybersecurity threats. A top-down approach isn’t always enough to protect your equipment or your data, particularly as your company brings on more entry-level employees. Modernizing your existing software and technology to decrease these susceptibilities is a necessity, and revisiting potential weak points on a regular basis is critical.

Upgrading outdated processes

It’s difficult to know if, or how much, outdated processes are slowing down operations when it’s not top of mind for a founder. Reevaluating and implementing a new system may seem tedious when momentum pulls the focus to other, more immediate problems, but the right processes will enable better efficiency and drive higher revenue in the long run. Optimized processes are key not only to reassuring potential investors, but crucially, to employee well-being and productivity.

Is your current tech really meeting your needs?

Internally: Are there steps within your systems that could be automated or streamlined? Does everyone on your team have access to the data they need to be able to do their job well? Externally: What actually matters to your customers when it comes to designing the interface of your product? Need help bringing that MVP to fruition? T-Minus Solutions’ custom development services include out of the box software solutions to meet your needs. Let’s look at the specific challenges your company is facing and create a technology plan to solve operations issues, get your SaaS product to market, and take your company to the next level.

At T-Minus Solutions, we specialize in helping tech startup entrepreneurs with technology development and strategy for their emerging business. Contact us today at info@tminussolutions.com to schedule a consultation to see how we can help.

T-Minus Team

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